How to get involved

A Beaumaris Lifeboat Crewman is lifted from a yacht on ExceriseThere are plenty of ways you can get involved and help.

Help to support the Lifeboats, and think about becoming a member of the RNLI.   You are also helping when you visit our shop.

You can also think about giving your time - whether its helping to run events, or join in activities. If you want to get involved, why not drop us an email at .

Interested in becoming Crew?
We have training exercises Thursday evenings all year round, and alternate between Sunday (wintertime) and Monday (summertime).

Helping Out

Perhaps you can assist in opening the station to visitors for an hour or so at weekends? We are always looking for reliable people who could help out by offering their services for a couple of hours a week either by working in the Lifeboat shop or helping to open the Boat House for visitors to view the Atlantic 85 Lifeboat.
If you think you might be able to help please leave a message . THANK YOU!

Beaumaris Lifeboat Guild

The Beaumaris Lifeboat Guild organises various fundraising activities, and always need volunteers to collect money, assist with events, do an hour or two in the shop and/or  help on lifeboat day.

Visit the Beaumaris Lifeboat Guild page to find out about the activities and see if you would like to get involved.